It’s being said that all of the Big Ten Presidents and Commissioner Warren are meeting to see if they can have college football this season after all. This has been a hot topic since the middle of August when the season was cancelled. But a lot has happened in the past three weeks. Much scrutiny and criticism has come forth because of this decision.

New Commissioner Warren has been taking a ton of heat. Let’s break this down. So, The Ivy League cancels their fall sports, the MAC cancels their football season, the Pac-12 cancels their football season and the Big Ten cancels their season. But the SEC, ACC, Notre Dame and the Big-12 don’t cancel their seasons. Now the fuse is lit.

I don’t know about the Pac-12, but people in the Midwest are very unhappy. These universities are losing around 80-100 million dollars. Sports will be cut, people will be lose their jobs and it will be a very bleak time. But if the Big Ten can reinstate the season to possibly start October 10th, this might solve their tumultuous situation.

The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus is the staggering continuous problem. People have gotten sick and died. People have gotten sick and beat it. I think the Big Ten might have cancelled their season too early. In the state of Ohio, Ohio State can’t play but the Cincinnati Bearcats can play because they play in the ACC.

Look at Temple. They play in the state of Pennsylvania and because of controlled social gatherings, they can’t have a full practice. They play in the ACC and are going to play soon. I could go on and on. If you don’t try to play, you just don’t know.

My opinion would be try to play and have no fans. Put them in somewhat of a bubble like the pros. Either way, it’s time to make a decision. Hopefully they can make the right one.

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