In what USA Today's Charles Curtis refers to as the 'Ed Sheeran Effect', eight NFL teams found their schedules affected this season by British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Starting in June, Sheeran will launch a massive tour that will span across five months and several North American cities.

Sheeran's tour includes a Sept. 8 stop at Ford Field.

Also happening that weekend? The NFL's Week 1, in which the Detroit Lions could either play on the road or open the season on a day other than Sunday.

With the Sheeran concert happening the night before, it would be too much of a strain on the Ford Field grounds staff to get the turf into playing condition in time for a Sunday game.

In case, anyone needs a reminder of what a concert can do to a field, here's an example of Comerica Park last season after a Metallica Concert:

As a result of the tour scheduling, the Lions will play their home opener on Monday night against the Jets in a less-than-appetizing prime time match up.

The list of other teams affected by Sheeran's tour includes the New England Patriots, New York Giants/Jets, Tennesee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs,Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons.

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