If you are an intense football fan or even a novice fan, you know who Aaron Rodgers is. Rodgers has played quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for years. He has won one Super Bowl and played himself into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But, he also had much controversy in this past offseason.

I’ve written a few articles about his troubles with the Packers' management. It was very polarizing to say the least. I really thought they were going to trade him in the offseason but they didn’t.

This is his last season in Green Bay before he goes to another team. The Packers feel their future is with Jordan Love the backup for now. This was a very complicated situation. But, for now, Rodgers is the starting quarterback.

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So, last weekend, the Pack opened up with the Saints and got clobbered. Aaron Rodgers played awful too. Now everyone is on his case. But not for one second is he done.

The Pack host the Lions this Monday night in Green Bay. The Lions' defense is shoddy at best right now. So Aaron Rodgers could have a field day. The Lions haven’t had the best of luck in Green Bay either.

Don’t ever count out Aaron Rodgers. One bad game doesn’t mean he’s done. He didn’t play all preseason, so get ready for him to have a blowout game!

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