The Green Bay Packers are a very weird pro-sports franchise. This is like deja vu all over again with the Aaron Rodgers chapter.

What I mean is, years ago when Hall of Fame quarterback Bret Favre was the Pack's guy, they drafted Aaron Rodgers out of UC Berkeley. Then they had a mess on their hands. Favre wasn’t happy with Rodgers as their draft pick. But he was their future, and a few years later, Favre was traded to the New York Jets. Favre could still play; he wasn’t washed up yet.

So the Aaron Rodgers era began in Green Bay. He won them a Super Bowl—just like Favre did. Aaron Rodgers, like Favre, will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Here’s the deja vu situation. The new executive staff of the Packers drafted Jordan Love, a solid quarterback out of Utah State. Now the shoe is on the other foot. The Packers drafted a quarterback waiting in the wings to take Rodgers' place. But Rodgers ended up becoming the NFL MVP. Aaron Rodgers was almost told that his days in Green Bay were over, but obviously, he said not so fast!

Then all of the stuff hit the fan. Rodgers publicly humiliates the Pack’s G.M. This G.M. really screwed the situation up by informing Rodgers they would move forward with Love as the new starting quarterback. So Rodgers is adamant that he would not be playing for the Packers anymore. Well, that tune has now changed.

Rodgers said yesterday he will report to the Packers summer camp after all. Oh yeah, he will be paid a ton too. So, it looks like Jordan Love will have to wait at least another year unless Rodgers gets hurt. This has been a long-running feud that is old and stale. Hopefully these cats will all get along for at least one more season.

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