This Aaron Rodgers drama is getting old and stale. The Green Bay Packers are stuck and so is Rodgers.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago thinking this situation would have been dealt with by now. Nope! This is where we are at: the Packers are wanting Rodgers to stay, but I believe he definitely wants out of Green Bay.

The G.M. drafted quarterback Jordan Love out of Utah State two years ago. He even moved up in the NFL Draft to select him. This was more or less him telling Aaron Rodgers you’re on borrowed time here in Green Bay. But Rodgers says not so fast.

He ended up becoming the MVP and was one game away from taking the Pack to the Super Bowl again. The Packers told him they were planning on trading him. Just like they did with Bret Favre. So Rodgers is no stranger to the business end of professional football.

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It’s just a situation that was handled poorly by the Packers front office people. Now they have egg all over their faces and are trying to get him to stay. But the damage is already done. They said they were going to trade, so trade him.

It really smells that fans have turned on Aaron Rodgers and are ripping him to shreds. He is the Green Bay Packers and shouldn’t be treated like he’s a horse ready for the glue factory. The Packers head coach wants him to stay bad, but as I said, it’s too late.

I would be totally surprised if he reconciles with the Packer organization. Yeah, anything is possible, but I think he’s out of there.

So just trade him to another team. He probably has at least two years left in the tank. This needs to end!

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