The Michigan Department of Natural Resources are saying no ice is considered safe so be careful if you are doing some ice fishing.

According to WOOD, over the weekend fisherman had to be rescued from lakes in Allegan and Muskegon counties.

The ice that is best to be on is clear with a bluish tint to it while ice that is usually the weakest has a milky appearance. If you are unsure, then stay off the ice.

When ice fishing it is advised to always let someone know where you are going, bring ice picks, a whistle, two way communication and even a flotation device.

The DNR also say that any ice covered by snow should be considered unsafe. Stay off ice that has slush on it.

Here is what the DNR says to do if you fall through the ice:

  • Remain Calm
  • Don't peal off cloths, they may help you stay warm until someone can get you out.
  • When trying to get out, go the way you came from since you already know its safe there.
  • If you have ice picks, dig them into the ice while kicking with your feet like you would swimming to get out.
  • When you do get on the ice its important to immediately roll away from the weak ice you fell through.
  • Once you get out of the water, get to shelter as fast as possible and get the wet clothes off, get dry clothes on and drink warm non alcoholic or non caffeinated beverages.
  • If you cannot stop shivering, feel disoriented or showing symptoms of hypothermia, call 911 and get medical attention fast.

Here is a link to more ice safety tips.

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