The love-hate relationship that we share with our Detroit Lions team runs very deep.

They're the home team, and that's why we love them. However, they are also the Detroit Lions...

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They've had two past seasons where they've had no wins and others with a number that is rather low.

Let's take a look back at some of the Detroit Lions' not-so-hot moments.

You Think This Year's Team Is Bad? These Past Detroit Lions Teams Didn't Do Too Hot Either

Ah, our good old Lions. Most Michiganders know only the love-hate relationship that we share with the team. I mean, how could you not love the hapless Lions? They're our home team. With that being said though, they've had a win-less season before, which stings. Check out some not-so-good past years for the Detroit Lions.

Do you have any memories of the team in years past?

What were your thoughts on the 2008 game? Did you witness the season in fury on your couch, rooting for a win that literally never happened?

Open the station app and get social with us. Which year did you enjoy the least from our beloved Detroit Lions?

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