The Detroit Lions football team isn't the best team in the National Football League (NFL) but they aren't the worst either. They have struggled for years and have been a mainstay at the bottom of their division, the NFC North, and toward the bottom of the entire NFL. Nevertheless, they have some of the most loyal fans I have ever witnessed.

Year in and year out the Lions fans line up in the streets of downtown Detroit to file into the illustrious Ford Field to cheer on their favorite gridiron team. The tailgates have them buzzing and ready to scream their heads off and grab onto each other as they hope for a win. The fans of the lions are known for having more fun in the stands and making their own entertainment than enjoying the game, win or lose, either way, the lions fans will make it fun.

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In the video posted above, you can see two fans engaging with one another in an uncommon way for fans to interact at a football game. One fan was giving another fan a haircut while sitting in the stands. Now, I will say, the Lions were losing this game and when you need a cut, you need a cut.

If you ask me, he was just killing two birds with one stone right? He was already out enjoying the game and having some drinks, but now he gets to leave with a crispy cut as well, I don't see how that's a bad thing. The only thing that could've made this better was if the Lions would've won this game.

I can now say that the most bizarre thing I have seen at a sporting event was someone getting a full-blown haircut in the stands. I'm sure this was the first time anyone can be caught going this far with their grooming techniques inside of a stadium, now that I think about it, how did he even get those clippers inside? Have you seen anything more bizarre at a sporting event?

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