Recently we shared what researchers found as Michigan's favorite fast food fries and decided to try to figure out what Lansing's were!

The data that was reported said Arby's ranked first as Michigan's favorite fast food fries but it made us wonder where the best fries, be it fast food or a local joint, were so why not start right here in Lansing?

We asked all of you to share where the best fries in Lansing were and you gave us plenty to work with and add some *extra salt*.

Now, this meant that Lansing's favorites didn't necessarily have to be fast food fries, though some of those did make the cut.

French fries are kind of beautiful if you really think about it. It's kind of an art form!

Sure, it all starts with chopping up a potato but there are so many ways to do it. You've got waffle fries, thin-cut, thicker steak-style and everything in-between.

And don't get me started on the millions of ways to season them!

We'll leave it up to what you all shared with us on where to find some of the best french fries in the area:

The Best Fries In Lansing

Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree and maybe you haven't had any of these places' fries enough to really make a decision! Maybe let this be your guide. It's a perfectly-crafted one, selected by Lansing-area residents themselves.

Consider this a "french fry tour" through Lansing!

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