As Americans, it's no secret we have a collective love of french fries which means our favorite fast food joints must try extra hard to impress us.

It's funny how a simple sliced potato dipped in fryer grease can have such variety and such a prominence in our lives but here we are.

Personally, my favorite fries are from Checkers / Rally's and I love the fact you can buy frozen bags of them at the grocery store!

McDonald's fries always have a place in my heart as well but some honorable mentions include Popeye's Cajun Fries, Steak and Shake's thinly-sliced fries mean I can stuff my face and feel at least a little *dainty* about it and Arby's curly fries.

Apparently, I am not alone on the Arby's one because according to MLive, they are Michigan's favorite fast food fry.

That's right folks, according to MLive, Michigan is joined in the Arby's fry fandom by only three other states: Indiana, Minnesota and Ohio.

The data, or what researchers called "Fryndings", was found by the natural medicine company Takespruce when they used Google Trends to find out which fries which states loved the most.

McDonald's was the most popular around the country, followed by Burger King but most surprisingly, Taco Bell's "Nacho Fries" made the cut in states like Alaska, of all places!

Now I'm all for a good, hearty Taco Bell run and while I did enjoy the Nacho Fries, I can't imagine why they would be an entire state's favorite! Maybe it's the cinnematic, theatrical advertising they did featuring stars like Josh Duhamel.

No matter where your favorite fries are, and no matter what the data tells us, french fries will always be a staple at our dinner tables.

Where are some of your favorite fries in the Lansing area?

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