Depending on where you grew up in Michigan, you might have had Ponderosa's buffet or Bonanza back in the day. My family was a Ponderosa-obsessed bunch (and Old Country Buffet at Courtland Center in Burton, MI until that closed). Now, the best buffet in Michigan has been deemed by Mashed.

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Where's the best buffet restaurant in Michigan?

First, let me say the only complaint I've seen people make about this buffet is they've raised the all-you-can-eat price from $13 (five or more years ago) to $20 in the last year. Considering it's endless, what's the problem?

The best buffet in Michigan is Fuji Japanese Buffet in Madison Heights, MI (Detroit Metro if you're not in that immediate area). They have everything you can think of land, air and sea. Fried chicken, chicken feet, sushi, boatloads of seafood options and everything in between before you make it to dessert.

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Where is Fuji Japanese Buffet located?

It's in a strip mall, which you know is deceiving -- small entrance leading you into a giant spread of food and a beautiful dining room (it's not a hole-in-the-wall). Fuji Japanese Buffet is located at 32153 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071. They're open every day at 11:30am and close at 9:30pm most days (10:30pm on Friday & Saturday).

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

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