Finally Major League Baseball is back. After such an intense time period in our lives, it’s finally back.

Baseball and all of the other sports worldwide were either paused or just cancelled. And baseball had a much larger hurdle to overcome than other sports to get up and running again.

How were the players and owners going to come to some sort of a compromise over money? The owners were tooth and nail against the MLPA President Former Tiger Tony Clark. I really didn’t believe they would get this settled. But they did. Some players opted out and will not play at all because of the fear of the coronavirus.

Baseball begins tonight at 7PM with the Yankees versus the World Series champs the Washington Nationals. First pitch is at 7PM, and it will be thrown by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In the second game, the Giants will play the Dodgers at 10PM. Major League Baseball has many new changes for the abbreviated season. There will be only 60 games, 40 within your division and 20 against your rival division in the National League. There will be a DH in both leagues.

In any extra inning games, a runner will be put at second base automatically. There will also be an extended roster at their Triple A Farm Systems because players may get hurt and some players might test positive for Covid-19.

This pandemic has raised hell with every phase of life all over the world. But baseball is finally back! The Tigers will open up on the road Friday in Cincinnati. Enjoy the greatest game ever invented.

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