If you’re a very young baseball fan, you have to read up on Willie Mays. Mays, played 22 years in the Major Leagues. Mostly with the New York/San Francisco Giants, before ending his great career with the New York Mets. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in1979. On Wednesday (May 6th) he turned 89 years young.

I remember watching Mays on television but never saw him play in person. Willie Mays nicknamed the “Say Hey Kid” was born May 6, 1931 in Westfield, Alabama.

These are his stats:

  • Batting average of .302
  • 3,283 hits
  • 660 homers
  • 338 swiped bases

Just an absolutely great career. His accomplishments are unbelievable. World Series champion (1954), 2x NL MVP, NL Rookie of the yea r(1951) and this list could go a long way.

Willie Mays epitomized what a big league ballplayer should be. He could hit, run, hit for power, had a great arm and most of all could play hellish centerfield. Mays always played the game very hard. He was a fierce competitor.

It wasn’t easy for Mays either. He was a black ballplayer and back in those days, racism was rough on black pro athletes. But Mays had a tough interior and exterior. Willie Mays is also Barry Bonds' godfather because Barry’s late father Bobby Bonds played for years with Willie in San Francisco.

Like I said, ballplayers like Mays don’t just fall out of the sky. He was special and honed his craft all of the time. So, read about the absolute greatness of Willie Mays the “Say Hey Kid.”

Willie Howard Mays, Jr., one of baseball’s most colorful and exciting stars, excelled in all phases of the game. That’s what it says on his plaque at Cooperstown. Look him up. Happy belated birthday, Willie Mays.

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