The World Series is finally set. The Los Angeles Dodgers eliminated the Braves late last night, so the Dodgers will play the Tampa Rays on Tuesday night. This should be a great series.

I really thought the Braves were going to beat L.A., but the Dodgers prevailed. That means they've been in three of the last four World Series. Of course, they haven’t won any of those rings... They're due!

But the Rays are a solid young team full of a lot of non-household names. This team is not a fluke by any stretch of the imagination. They can hit, field and really pitch.

On the other hand the Dodgers have superstar players. From Clayton Kershaw to Mookie Betts. They're loaded with great talent. There is no doubt that the Dodgers will be the favorite, but don’t count out the Rays.

I really feel that with no hometown field advantage, any team that gets solid pitching and timely hitting will win the Pandemic World Series.

Hopefully this year’s Pandemic World Series will be a sizzle and not a fizzle. This should be very intriguing to watch and see who will come out victorious.

First pitch will be Tuesday night at 8:09 pm in Arlington, Texas where the Rangers play.

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