The Detroit Tigers certainly started the 2021 season off on the right foot. They won their opener, and home opener, beating the Cleveland Indians 3 to 2. But it was the first inning that was historic.

With a 1-1 count, Miguel Cabrera, Miggy, launched a shot to right field for the 2-run home run. It was historic for three reasons. First, it was the first home run of this major league baseball season. Cool! Two, it was in the snow, and you could barely see it because of the large snow flakes. Three, Miggy couldn't see it either, and thought it was only a double as he slid into second base. He looked at the ump and the ump said, uh, it's outta here! Keep running! Ha!

Here, I'll let you relive that wonderful moment.

How exciting, and how exciting that the Tigers are 1 and 0 for the season, a winning streak!

Go Tigers!

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