Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III told reporters Wednesday that he has been told that he will not play the remainder of the season. Last season RG III tore his knee up and had extensive surgery, plus extensive rehab to get back on the field.

The second year quarterback has been on a rollercoaster after winning the Heisman trophy out of Baylor. Coincidently, his backup is former MSU quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins will replace Robert Griffin this Sunday when the Washington Redskins face the Atlanta Falcons.

There is much controversy in Washington about the quarterback situation. The owner Daniel Snyder wants RG III but a lot of people think, that RG III came back to early from this awful knee tear. It also looks like head coach Mike Shanahan will lose his job after the last three games.

In the past five games RG III has been sacked 24 times. Robert Griffin is their future but he needs to rest until next season and heal. Daniel Snyder has to agree with that, no matter who the head coach is. This story keeps growing, and Cousins now can showcase his talents.