General manager of the Detroit Tigers is Dave Dombrowski he is a man who will not rest until the Tigers win another World Series. Dombrowski has won one World Series as a G.M. in Florida. He has gone back to the World series twice with Detroit but both times have ended in defeat. This season will be much different.

With a new manger and coaching staff, some new players, and a lot of hope. Dave Dombrowski has a great relationship with the owner, Mike Illitch, and he wants badly to give Mr. I a World championship. Spring Training begins in Lakeland around Valentine's Day and this Tweaked Tiger roster is going to be ready to win.

The A.L. Central division will be much stronger this season, so the margin for error has to be small. When Dave Dombrowski's name is brought up in baseball circles it is well respected. If the Detroit Tigers do not get to this years World Series, Dombrowski might end up as the next commissioner of Major League Baseball. Because The current longtime Commissioner Bud Selig is retiring.