After the airstaff attempted to call the World Series from the onset of the MLB postseason it's been a struggle for most of them. Only one has their champion in the Fall Classic. Despite this fact, everyone is fairly close in correct predictions.

Given a second chance, how does the airstaff see the World Series finishing?

Beanie (4/8 correct, original WS:TOR over NYM): Royals in 6, MVP: Mike Moustakas

Brock (3/8 correct, original WS: STL over TOR): Royals in 6, MVP: Eric Hosmer

The Dean (4/8 correct, original WS: LAD over TOR): Royals in 7, MVP: Lorenzo Cain

Mad Dog (3/8 correct, original WS: LAD over TOR): Royals in 7, MVP: Lorenzo Cain

Producer Zak (5/8 correct, original WS: NYM over HOU): Mets in 6, MVP: Daniel Murphy

Beanie: "Experience. That's it."

Brock: "KC's experience from last year will help them. The bullpens are close, but I think KC's is better. I don't think the Mets young pitchers will be able to mentally handle it. It's KC's time to win it all. Mets need a split in KC to have a shot, home field means a lot more in this series than it would normally."

The Dean: "The Mets have faced a gauntlet of talent to get here and they still might find a way to get four more wins but Kansas City has the experience and the home field advantage which I think is the most significant detail. KC wins when push comes to shove."

Mad Dog: "Should be a very good series, I like both teams a lot, I'm going with the American League team because I like the way they play better. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Murphy but I think KC will get it done anyways."

Producer Zak: "I'm sticking to my guns, I had New York from the start of the postseason and I don't see why they would lose now. Pitching is phenomenal, Murphy can't stop hitting home runs, Cespedes is dropping jaws, even Granderson is playing at a level not often seen."

A lot of American League love among the group, who do you think wins it all? Let us know in the comments.