And then there were 10. 2,430 games later and the 2015 MLB playoff picture is finally set. We knew the National League contenders for a while but it took until game 162 to knock out the final American League team (LA Angels).

Will the Cubs break their curse? Will Josh Donaldson, David Price and the loaded Blue Jays deliver a World Series north of the border? What about a Subway Series 2?

Postseason baseball starts up on Tuesday with the AL Wild Card game. To tide you over in this off day we bring you predictions from your favorite air personalities on WVFN.

American League Wild Card Game
Brandon "Beanie" Howell: New York Yankees
Brock "Brockadamus" Palmbos: Houston Astros
Tim "The Dean" Staudt: New York Yankees
David "Mad Dog" DeMarco: New York Yankees
Producer Zak: Houston Astros

National League Wild Card Game
Beanie: Pittsburgh Pirates
Brockadamus: Pittsburgh Pirates
The Dean: Chicago Cubs
Mad Dog: Chicago Cubs
Producer Zak: Chicago Cubs

Beanie: Kansas City over New York, Toronto over Texas
Brockadamus: Kansas City over Houston, Toronto over Texas
The Dean: Kansas City over New York, Toronto over Texas
Mad Dog: Kansas City over New York, Toronto over Texas
Producer Zak: Houston over Kansas City, Toronto over Texas

Beanie: St. Louis over Pittsburgh, New York over Los Angeles
Brockadamus: St. Louis over Pittsburgh, Los Angeles over New York
The Dean: Chicago over St. Louis, Los Angeles over New York
Mad Dog: St. Louis over Pittsburgh, Los Angeles over New York
Producer Zak: St. Louis over Chicago, New York over Los Angeles

Beanie: Toronto over Kansas City
Brockadamus: Toronto over Kansas City
The Dean: Toronto over Kansas City
Mad Dog: Toronto over Kansas City
Producer Zak: Houston over Toronto

Beanie: New York over St. Louis
Brockadamus: St. Louis over Los Angeles
The Dean: Los Angeles over Chicago
Mad Dog: Los Angeles over St. Louis
Producer Zak: New York over St. Louis

World Series:
Beanie: Toronto over New York in seven games
Brockadamus: St. Louis over Toronto in six games
The Dean: Los Angeles over Toronto in seven games
Mad Dog: Los Angeles over Toronto in five games
Producer Zak: New York over Houston in six games

Some words on their predictions:

Beanie: "The Blue Jays went all in with already having the best offense in baseball. David Price is a left-handed dominator, and he'll help them get over the hump in October."

Brockadamus: "I don't want to pick against the Cardinals after they put up a 100-win season and looked dominant doing so. The NLCS will be a tough one though with the Dodgers."

The Dean: "I love pitching when it comes to the postseason and Greinke and Kershaw will be too much for opponents to handle."

Mad Dog: "I think Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke are going to be unbelievable. I love Toronto and David Price but I love Magic's team more. These guys are adding on to the likes of Yasiel Puig, and Don Mattingly is due for this."

Producer Zak: "Two wild cards playing in the Series last year, even though there are some stacked teams who won the divisions, I think Houston goes through. The Mets will stop them short though. Both teams are very well rounded and yet under the radar I feel, compared to Toronto, St. Louis, Kansas City etc."

Well there you have it. Think you know how the Fall Classic will play out? Think somebody's picks are way out in left field? Let us know and leave your predictions below.