Kind's from 1933, and there's a lot going on in it.

So before they moved to Detroit, the Lions were known as the Portsmouth Spartans, and they played in Portsmouth, OH.

In 1933, they attempted a pass in a game against the Giants in New York and failed miserably (figures). Even before they were the Lions, they sucked.

But this old timey football footage of what is called 'the worst play in NFL history' has a lot going on in it, so let's take a look.

First of all, who dreamed up this play from hell? It's like they made it up in the huddle. "Jim, just run across the middle and I'll throw a pass to you  like it's a basketball game, okay?"

Jim: "Huh?"

Second of all, why is there a cameraman allowed to roam freely in the end zone?

And third, watch the quarterback right after he releases the ball. He gets punched right in the face and no one says anything. Apparently it was okay to just cold cock dudes right after the play was done.

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