Well, we are now around eight months into this Pandemic. Sports have been tested big-time. First of all, MLB paused their season. Then, they had an abbreviated season and now MLB is in the postseason.

They had some speed bumps with the Marlins and Cards having players come down with COVID-19. But, the reason why is because players and staffers weren’t following protocol. The NBA will probably end tonight with the Lakers eliminating the Miami Heat for the NBA Championship.

The Lakers are up 3-1 in the best of seven series. But, the NBA played in a bubble type situation on the Disney premises in Orlando, Florida. It worked perfectly. Only one or two players got sick because they didn’t follow protocol. They left the bubble and got sick. In the NHL, they paused their season too. When they came back, the teams played in a bubble type situation in two cities.

The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup. I never heard of any player coming down with coronavirus in the NHL. Now, college football and the NFL have had guys, staffers, and coaches come down with Coronavirus. Because they get out of the bubble type venue and again don’t follow protocol.

The bottom line is where your mask and douse yourself in hand sanitizer and social distance. If these people follow protocol and restricted rules hardly anyone would come down with the virus. People get lax and go out and socialize. They don’t wear masks and people get sick. All I know is Coronavirus won’t stop the games. May the games continue.

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