We all love staying active, and skiing is definitely one way we can do it and have a blast.  I cannot waterski for some reason, but I took to snow skiing instantly and LOVE it.  Especially when you go with family and friends

Michigan is awesome if you enjoy downhill skiing. Except for New York, Michigan has more ski areas than any other state. Michigan has  40 ski areas, over 250 lifts, 50 terrain parks, and nearly 1,000 runs. Plus it's also home to the country's only hill for ski flying. That's sort of like ski jumping but on a much larger scale. I will stick with just the downhill skiing thank you very much.

Now, here are the top places to ski in Michigan from Yelp:

  1. Mt Holly Ski Area
  2. Alpine Valley Ski Area
  3. Pine Knob Ski Resort
  4. Mt Brighton
  5. Nichols Ski & Snowboard
  6. Boyne Country Sports
  7. Winter Walden Ski & Snowboard Club

Here some things I have learned being an amateur skier to make your fun on the slopes safer.

  1. Obey all rules posted by the resort.
  2. Know how to avoid collisions and avoid the trees please. Ha!
  3. Don't lie about your ability. That's what bunny hills are for.
  4. Know the difference between ice and snow.
  5. Wear a helmet.
  6. Consider protection.  Elbows, Knees, etc.
  7. Ski safely and don't venture away from ski area.
  8. Carry a safety kits. 

And please please remember the biggest RULE is to always ski with at least one person or a group.

Do you plan on skiing this season? What are your favorite things to do in the winter here in Michigan?

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