It’s getting down to crunch time. Will the Big Ten finally decide one way or another if they will be playing college football?

By now you know that other conferences are playing. The COVID-19 testing is more simplistic now for these athletes playing football. With the coronavirus still getting people sick, the testing needs to be done almost every day.

College football kicked off last week, and there were some outbreaks reported. But it can be controlled. It has been proven with all the professional sports going on. There are many naysayers, and I understand and respect that. But if you don’t try, how do you know?

I feel like a broken record talking about this. The communication from the Big Ten has been bush league to say the least. This has been handled in a way that will be scrutinized and criticized for years to come. It should be too.

All I can say is a final decision has to be made sooner rather than later. Time is absolutely running out for the Big Ten. Commissioner Warren, university presidents and chancellors have to get this done soon. Just say yes or no!

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