Let me rephrase that. I know teams that WANT Stafford, but if what they're offering isn't good enough for the Lions, what happens then? Is it just awkward?

FACT: The Detroit Lions have closed the door on the Matthew Stafford era.

FACT: Knowing that, Stafford publicly asked to be trade.

FACT: No one so far is offering top draft picks to get him, so the Lions will have to offer him at fire sale prices, or does he awkwardly come back in 2021?

I mean the divorce between quarterback Matthew Stafford and the team after Stafford has basically begun “seeing other people.”

And by that I mean that NFL teams have started reaching out to the Detroit Lions to gauge what it would take to trade for the QB,

This had been the expectation after Saturday, when the Lions and Stafford mutually agreed to a separation between the longtime Detroit quarterback and the only franchise for which he's ever played.

A source familiar with the situation said Saturday night that the Lions would be looking for "fair market value" for Stafford, who is the franchise leader in every major passing category.

But what if nobody wants to pay "fair market value"? After all, the team's hand has been tipped, and why offer big value for someone you know wants out?

So do they Lions get short changed, or do they awkwardly bring him back, knowing he hates it here? It's an NFL soap opera that has been played out before.

Here's a list of seven players who demanded trades from their respective teams, only to have it backfire and they had to play for their old team. It does happen. A lot.

Stafford was the team's pick at number one overall in 2009—the first pick of then-general manager Martin Mayhew. Mayhew is now the general manager in Washington, one of many NFL teams in need of a quarterback this offseason.

Hmmm…. Maybe he is going back to his ex???

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