I just got back from vacation. My wife and I visited my brother and sister in law, niece and nephew in Acworth, Georgia and had a great time. Then we also drove an hour or so to Centre, Alabama and stayed there for a couple of days.

In the south, everyone was so friendly and smiled and waved at us. It was a slower pace than we are used to. That slower pace gave me a lot of time to think, and while relaxing on our vacation, I really started to think about what I believe in.

Now, I will let you all know what I believe in.

I believe in all of my family; they are all unique in their own way.

I believe in team sports because cohesion, chemistry and camaraderie are essential in all facets of life.

I believe in owning a pet. Whether it be a dog, cat, turtle, bird or an alligator, a pet will ground you more as a human.

I believe in spirituality too. Believing in any higher spirit is imperative for hope.

I believe in scenic views. No matter countryside, beaches, mountains and anything with a natural look. That’s  why they call it God’s country.

I believe in total respect of everything. This includes all races, family, friends, bosses and life in general.

I believe in taking time for yourself and watching your health.

I believe in giving it your all in your personal and professional lives. Always give it your best.

I believe in always being as positive as you can be under any difficult situation.

I believe in a lot of things, but it all starts with family.

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