For once Screech wasn't the weirdest person on the set of 'Saved By The Bell'.

Jim 'Saved' A Student On Season Four Of 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class'

A character on 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class', Eric Little (played by Anthony Harrell), moved from benchwarmer to football hero when he scored a critical touchdown in the Valley High game.

So, of course, it went to his head. When his classmates, working on a project about 'heroes', scheduled a film session to do a documentary on him, for being a hero in the game, he blew it off to go out with a hot cheerleader (because who wouldn't?).

In an effort to salvage the project, he promised that Harbaugh, a real football hero would show up. Mainly because Screech, now a teacher at Bayside promised him he would, because, um, strangely, it turns out that Harbaugh is Screech's cousin.

Harbaugh Showed Up 'Just In Time'

When the critical moment came, Harbaugh was a no show, and Eric was dissed again by his project mates who were probably wondering why they gave him another chance.

At that point,  Screech (the late, great Dustin Diamond, who still has a Twitter following even though he's dead) dresses up in a Colts football uniform to attempt to fool the class. That's when the real Jim Harbaugh to drop some life lessons about being famous and what a hero is on the class.

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Jim tells the youngsters, "being a hero isn't about what you do out there on the field, it's about who you are in here," he tells them while grabbing his heart and looking at the cue cards.

"It's about helping your friends, your school, and your community."

With that, the teacher is so emotionally moved he gives EVERYONE an A even those slackers who probably were too high to complete the assignment.

It's beautifully cringe inducing.

That's Not The Only Time Harbaugh Was On A TV Comedy

Harbaugh also played himself on an episode of Comedy Central's 'The Detroiters', where he lost his temper at a charity fowling event, blowing tha chance at the Little Caesar's account for the main characters, Tim (Tim Robinson) and Sam (Sam Richardson).


He also popped up on the old HBO Show, 'Arliss', where he was weirded out by the dumb host's dental question.

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