Record temps are hitting mid-Michigan this week. Mother nature has been very peculiar the past few years. In 2022, January lasted approximately 140 days. Sarcasm aside, summer temps have been taking their sweet time arriving in Lansing and the surrounding area.

I remember summers being brutally hot when I was a kid. It seemed like the temps were in the upper 80s and 90s from June through August. It was easy for me to cool off, all I had to do was hop on my bike and ride down to Lake Michigan and take a dip. There were lots of inland lakes that I could go swim in to cool off too.

That's not the case in Lansing. We don't have Lake Michigan or any other Great Lake to swim in. Lansing does offer a number of locations for you to go for a swim to cool off during this relentless heat.

Some of the pools are indoors, but who cares? It will get you cooled off. The outdoor pools will be fun and will probably be busy. There are parks throughout the area that you can go swimming at too. Hawk Island and Lake Lansing are fun to visit, cool off there too. If your budget isn't a consideration, you could do a staycation at one of the many hotels in the area that have pools.

No matter what you do, keep your temp down and stay hydrated.

Chill at These 12 Pools and Waterholes in the Lansing Area

There are options locally for you to swim and cool off. Visit these local pools or lakes to take a dip.


There may be a fee associated with your visit. Check out their websites first so you can plan ahead.

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