A new term in college athletics is the transfer portal. The transfer portal is a big deal in college sports and athletics now. Before, players couldn’t transfer right away for whatever reason, and now they can.

What is the transfer portal?

The transfer portal is just a new way of life. Any player in any sport can transfer to another school right away. The individual just has to put their name into the transfer portal and then they can go to new a college and play at that school. This will change the dynamic of college athletics forever. I’m sure it will be modified at times too.

Why would a player want to transfer?

You will always have a disgruntled athlete that will want more playing time and complain to the coaches. Now they can put their name in the transfer portal and go to a new school and play right away. This is happening at all the colleges and universities. An athlete can go into the transfer portal a couple of the times to go to other schools. This is going to be a pain in the you know where to a lot of coaches because schools will be combing the transfer portal for solid players.

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A lot of people think this is a good thing, but I’m not so sure yet! What I do know is that the transfer portal is here to stay.

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