So large universities are changing conferences and college athletes are getting paid. Don’t ask why! It’s all about the money. Don’t kid yourself.

The new process in college athletics of Name, Image and Likeness has now come into effect. That’s when college athletes will be paid by anyone who wants them to market their business or whatever they see fit.

I really feel it’s about time college athletes get paid something. Because college coaches are paid enormous sums of money with salary, shoe contracts, media stuff and much more. It’s about time the athlete received more than a large or partial scholarship.

The athletes are recruited to play ball, go to school and win games. If teams win and consistently win, coaches get compensated big time. Well, it’s now time the athlete gets paid for helping the coach look like a genius.

Don’t get me wrong, coaches that win make schools and businesses a lot of money. There is no getting around that, but now it’s time to spread the wealth around. With the Pandemic and schools cutting sports, now is the time.

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Also, about schools changing conferences, it’s about big time revenue. I really feel college athletics is going in the direction for the NCAA to dissolve down the road. I don’t know where this will be, but there are many people that are getting (and have gotten) rich off college sports. It’s always about the money! Always!

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