First of all, to appease the higher-ups, no I was not on TikTok at work...this time.

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But seriously, why am I on Ohio TikTok? Not that I can complain too much, because I thought this TikTok was rather cool!

MDOT - You're Slacking When It Comes To Social Media

I don't mean to call out our department of transportation, but come on! Ohio is having more fun than we are, as they are on TikTok!

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I will give it to the Michigan Department of Transportation because they politely shut down their haters on all of their social media!

The Ohio Department Of Transportation Is Ready For 20+ Inches Of Snow

I don't know how you'd miss this one, but there is a huge winter storm system that is making its way through the Midwest right now.

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Transportations across the midwest are prepping ahead of the storm to keep the roads clear for safer travel.

Things That Just Make Sense: ODOT Prepping For Winter Storm On TikTok

Have you seen this trend on TikTok?

Things that just make sense?

If you haven't, the Ohio Department of Transportation's TikTok shows exactly what that said trend is.

@ohiodeptoftransportation Things at ODOT that ✨ just make sense ✨ while preparing for a winter storm. #thingsthatjustmakesense#ohio#fyp#snow#landon#snowplow#winterstorm♬ Che La Luna - Louis Prima.
Rest assured Ohio, I believe you'll be set for this big winter storm system.

Wintertime in the 'Hood

Tips to Stay Safe During a Winter Storm

The Michigan State Police have put together eight tips to help keep you safe during a winter storm.

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