If there's anything that makes me take notice of the countdown to spring (as of Thursday, January 27th, we have 52 more days until spring), it's the fact that Michigan could see a big snowstorm come through here next week.

Possible Snowstorm in Michigan's Forecast Next Week

According to WLNS' Chief Meteorologist, David Young, there is a chance a big snowstorm could make its way through all of Michigan next week, possibly sometime around Wednesday or Thursday. Take a look at his projected weather map, below.

Young points out that some social media posts are already talking about how much snow we're going to get. But as of right now, he' says "It is WAY too soon to start talking numbers".

And of course, this is Michigan after all, so this entire forecast could be completely different by the time the "storm" actually comes around. Right now it looks like it has the potential to be a big storm. By next week, it could just be a light dusting of snow.

You know what they say about Michigan weather...if you don't like it, wait five minutes.

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In this case, we will need to wait more than five minutes. Probably something closer to five days, but we'll know soon enough.

Who knows...maybe we'll see numbers like the snowstorm Michigan saw back in 1978?

The Blizzard of '78

Back on January 26th of 1978, Michigan saw one of the biggest snowstorms it has in a while. I wasn't alive back then, but as I understand it, the blizzard was enough to shut down parts of Michigan for a few days. You can read all about the snowstorm of 1978, HERE.

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