Other than "this is going to suck really bad," here are the OTHER things you need to know.

Dang, Mother Nature. Week THREE of this? Really???

Here's the breakdown: we're under a Winter Weather Advisory starting at midnight tonight, which goes through Wednesday afternoon. We could potentially see rain, sleet and some snow. Then, later in the day, a cold front comes through, changing it all over to snow. The Lansing are is expected to get 2-4 inches of snow, areas north of Saginaw could see up to 6+ inches of snow; the Flint area could see 2-5 inches.

Five things you need to know about this storm:

1) Schools will most likely be closed
2) Kids will be bored
3) Parents will go crazy for the third week in a row
4) Roads will be awful
5) We'll all still have to go into work


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