Well, the medical people called it. There is definitely a spike with the coronavirus happening as we speak. There have been huge spikes in Florida and Texas. Just a few hours ago, the Governor of Florida immediately banned alcohol sales in all bars and restaurants.

Like I said a few days ago, this is what will determine if sports can even be played. I really did believe there would be a spike and more people would come down with COVID-19. But the numbers are there. Just in East Lansing a historic beer garden had over 40 people and counting come down with the coronavirus that were patrons.

I feel that I’m repetitive about this, but I don’t fear the coronavirus; I respect it! Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL are all starting within a few weeks. This is really something to be concerned about. Will these sports even get started at all? What about people’s jobs? What about school and colleges? Yeah, you can do it online but it’s not normal. Or maybe it will be the new normal.

With this spike happening, please abide by the protocol. Wear your masks, gloves and carry hand sanitizer with you at all times. But you have to get out of hibernation. So be smart and be consistent. Just remember there is a COVID-19 spike going on and act accordingly!

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