High school football started in some states across our great nation last weekend. But, in some states, it’s cancelled due to the pandemic that has crippled the world. It doesn’t make sense that in some states you can play football, at both the college and high school levels, but in others you can’t.

Here are some facts. In most of the states with Republican governors, they are playing high school football. Whereas in states with Democratic governors, in most cases there is no high school football. You can read more about that here.

Our great state of Michigan is one with a Democratic governor where there is no high school football. But, they are playing boys soccer where there is contact. This makes no sense at all. It might be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

Why can Ohio play high school football but the colleges can’t? No one can give you a concrete answer. Yeah, I know the uncertainty of the coronavirus. But then it should be across the board. I would hope this isn’t a political ploy or manipulation.

It’s not a Midwest thing. It’s not a Southern state thing. Then what is it? This Friday at our Michigan state capital there will be a peaceful rally to protest high school and Big Ten football being postponed. It begins at four o’clock. Some people are asking why this is happening. I’ll tell you. It's because they're adamant that this sport should be played this fall.

Other states are playing and Michigan isn’t. Some highs schools get the green light and some don’t. Makes no sense!

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