"Concept cars". Michigan auto manufacturers are always working on the next big thing. These concept cars are what the engineers and designers think are the future of trucks or automobiles. A lot of the time, these cars never make it to the production line - but some of the cool features on them do - in other vehicles. And these display cars usually carry some "wow" factor.

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Every year the manufacturers roll their concept cars over to the Detroit Auto Show (I'm sorry - the "North American International Auto Show") to show off what they've been working on. Some get a few changes and go on to be huge sellers (an example in a moment) Some are so futuristic, they go on to be in movies or TV shows. And some are just forgotten. What happens to those? I suspect a lot of them are still in Michigan. Certainly some are in museums, but some may be in private garages.

Tell us if you've seen any of these or worked on any of these projects.

We start with a couple of true concept car all-stars, with well known histories:


Michigan Concept Cars - Some Become Stars and Some Are Forgotten

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