Well, it looks like one of the Detroit Red Wings' best players won't be joining the team when they travel to Canada this season.

Tyler Bertuzzi is the only player on the Detroit Red Wings to refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

I may not understand why people choose to not get vaccinated but I still respect their decision. I do believe it's a personal choice and Bertuzzi has made his choice to not get vaccinated. Unfortunately,  that means he can't hit the ice with his team when they travel to Canada.

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General manager Steve Yzerman:

The league has worked on protocols for vaccinated and non-vaccinated players that all teams and players are to follow. Tyler will follow the protocols for non-vaccinated players, most significant is as of now and the foreseeable future you can’t enter Canada unless you’re vaccinated. So that obviously will be an issue when we play Canadian teams.

I'm sure Yzerman would like Tyler to get the vaccine but it's not his decision.

It’s his decision. That’s the world we live in today. We can’t force anyone to get vaccinated. I’m vaccinated, my family is vaccinated, I’ll leave it at that. Tyler has his reasons. I respect the fact he has a choice and has made that choice. We’re going to work within the league’s protocols.

The only thing that I think sucks aside from not being allowed in Canada is the fact that he'll now be treated differently than everyone else. I understand why but I still don't like it. I mean, he's going to have to wear a mask on the ice for practices and distance himself from others in the gym and at team facilities. The real topper is that he won't get paid for games he misses due to his decision.

Source: MLive

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