Sure, this football season is very young but Kenneth Walker III has made a big-time impact already.

Walker came to MSU through the Transfer Portal from Wake Forest where he scored 17 touchdowns in two years. He left there under good circumstances, but he wanted the ball more so he left Wake Forest. Lucky for the Spartans. The question now is could he be the best running back ever in MSU Spartan history?

There have been so many of them. I will list my top running backs in MSU Spartan Folklore history. First of all, I would say the great Lorenzo White out of South Florida. He came close to winning the Heisman Trophy too. He was pure greatness and is in the College Football Hall of Fame.

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Then there was Le’Veon Bell who really has been a better pro than college player but he was solid at State.

Then there were the Duckett brothers Tico and TJ. Both were awesome running backs for the Spartans and they played in different years.

Then there was Javon Ringer another outstanding running back for MSU. He also played for years in the NFL.

Last but not least there was Eric "The Flea" Allen. He played in the ’60s and was awesome. Oh yeah, I can’t forget Sherman Lewis and Clinton Jones. All of these guys were impact players in their era. But, as we speak, Kenneth Walker III leads the nation in rushing and has been talked about with Heisman considerations.

MSU will play Nebraska tomorrow night, so let’s see if Walker will light it up again. He is a special player but those other guys were too! What do you think? Could Walker III be the best?

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