ESPN's 10 part docuseries The Last Dance, focused on Michael Jordan's playing days with the Chicago Bulls which culminated in 1998 with a 6th NBA Championship, has given sports fans plenty of chew on during an otherwise dead period in sports due to the coronavirus.

Episodes 5 and 6 aired last night, with Jordan's gambling addiction being the subject of the latter.

During two weeks of the 1993 postseason, Jordan quit speaking to the media after he was upset when the questions about his gambling did not go away.

Jordan broke his fasting from the media to speak with NBC's Ahmad Rashad, about 90 minutes prior to game 1 of the 1993 NBA Finals. It aired at halftime. A snippet of it was featured last night in episode 6.

Wearing sunglasses, Jordan defended his gambling, admitting he lost more money gambling than he wanted to, but defiant in his right to do so.

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