Well, they finally got it right. On Tuesday night, the Big Ten Presidents, Chancellors and Big Ten Commissioner Warren unanimously voted to reinstate Big Ten football.

On August 11th, they decided to postpone or cancel the upcoming football season because of the coronavirus. Listen, at the time it might have been the right thing to do. But the Big 12, ACC and SEC did not follow suit. The PAC 12, MAC and the IVY League did cancel their seasons. The Big Ten should have waited until more information about the coronavirus was available.

So now the sports media outlets and teams have to scatter to get prepared for the season to begin on October 23 and 24. But they all will have enough time.

The season breaks down like this. There will be eight regular season conference games and one additional postseason conference game. I really feel they finally got it right. Who’s kidding who; will people get the virus? Probably, but there will be a protocol and a lot of new testing. No fans or tailgating will happen at all. This has been revisited a thousand times.

I’m fired up for football in the Big Ten. It didn’t make sense that Notre Dame could play but Indiana University couldn’t. The Ohio State and Cincinnati. Temple and Penn State. These universities were all in the same state, and one could play but the other couldn't!

All I was saying is if you don’t try, how do you know? This is how I feel about the coronavirus: I respect it but I don’t fear it. Toe to leather on October 23 and 24th.

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