So tomorrow’s the big rivalry game. Well, it sure doesn’t feel like it!

The Spartans and Wolverines clash on Saturday in The Big House in Ann Arbor. Last Saturday was just a torture chamber watching the Spartans in their first game under the guidance of new head coach Mel Tucker.

Tucker’s first game was a disaster. MSU committed seven turnovers and lost the game to Rutgers. This was unbelievable. This team looked unprepared and just smelled. But that was last week. This Saturday, MSU faces a rejuvenated Michigan team under the guidance of veteran head coach Jim Harbaugh. The Wolves trounced Minny up in Minny. Michigan looked pretty solid.

So what will happen tomorrow? If MSU plays like they did last Saturday at home versus Rutgers, they will get crushed. This team cannot turn the ball over like they did last Saturday. It just can’t happen.

Harbaugh has to be like a shark smelling blood in the water. He would like nothing better than to annihilate State in Ann Arbor. What I hope happens is that MSU at least can make it competitive. MSU is a 24 point road dog.

This is not looking good for Mel Tucker in his second game. His moniker was just hit someone. Well, Mel, I hope MSU will be hitting a lot of UM players because that’s what they plan to do to you!

So is this going to be a rivalry game or what? Saturday in the Big House, toe to leather at noon. Oh boy!

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