The Detroit Lions kick off their season 1pm Sunday at Ford Field vs Da Bears.

We really have been treated to some amazing offensive players in my lifetime in Detroit. I saw the end of Billy Sims. A dreadful lull until Barry Sanders and have come to appreciate Matthew Stafford even if he throws the ball too hard. Can you imagine someone saying Tom Brady threw the ball too hard? Why would you ever compare the 2 of them together? One has never won a playoff game and one has a Super Bowl ring for each finger on his throwing hand. I am saying Stafford is good but he would be great with touch... An organization that knew what it was doing and a PLAN to follow through on it. A plan.

The Lions had Barry Sanders. The greatest running back ever and they ran the run and shoot, a passing offense for the bulk of his career. Granted, he made his name on the draw but imagine what he could have done with a decent guard, a fullback and a good blocking tight end? He does too and that is why he walked away from this cursed organization.

Cursed? The Curse of Bobby Layne is real. He is my #6 greatest Lion. The last QB to lead the Lions to a Super Bowl (COUGH) this was before the Super Bowl. The 1957 NFL Championship. The Lions beat the Browns 59-14 but Bobby didn't play that game and he never played for the Lions again. He said after he was traded to then lowly Pittsburgh Steelers, "the Lions won't win another Championship for 50 years." It's been 63.

Here are the 5 greatest offensive players for the Lions in my lifetime.

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