I haven't wasted a lot of time watching the Lions suck it up and lose this year. Every time I turn them on, they are winning, then find a new and creative way to lose. I don't let it seep into me any longer. I have gone to therapy. The doctor says I just need time to let the losing and mediocrity out of my system. It's hard not to root them on, but apparently my hope is their weakness. I have lost hope and faith the Lions will ever do anything. If they do, I will be pleasantly surprised but still won't watch.

It looks like the Lions have a few more losses ahead of them before they finally taste victory in COVID times. This week is a team they tied with last year. That team is much better this year and the Lions...aren't.

Teams the Lions will face

Honestly, the Lions have a chance to win 3 of those games. Jacksonville, Washington and Carolina. They are better on offense this year but the defense has the same old problems. The Lions are soft. They are known as a soft, injury prone team that quits and chokes when the going gets tough. These Lions are just way too tame.

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