Michigan's own Ted Rath, the strength coach for the L.A. Rams, may become the break out star of Super Bowl 53. He's originally from Dearborn Heights and before he went to the Rams, he was assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Detroit Lions. While in L.A., he's been named Strength Coach of the year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, so he's no slacker. But now, he's known more in the NFL as the "Get Back Coach" for L.A. Rams Head Coach Sean McVay.

What the heck is a "Get Back Coach"? He's the guy who makes sure Coach McVay doesn't run over people on the sidelines during the game as he's focused on coaching. One of the most interesting bets you can make on the Odds Shark website is, HOW MANY REPLAYS WILL BE SHOWN OF TED HOLDING SEAN MCVAY BACK DURING THE GAME?  The over/under is 1.5. I bet it's more than that.

Wanna see Ted in action? NFL Films put together some video to show his talents to the world:




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