Aaron Fentress has some thoughts on the upcoming Oregon-Michigan State game on Saturday. After one particular tweet opened up a can of worms in Spartan Country, where Fentress claimed Oregon week 1 opponent Eastern Washington has a better offense than MSU, Spartan fans took to twitter to respond.

This is not an article about the twitter feud between MSU fans and Fentress. This is a comparison to see of Fentress' claim holds any weight.

I submit to you this table of offensive stats. Column one is EWU's numbers against Oregon on the road. Column two is MSU's performance against Western Michigan. The last column is Michigan State playing in Eugene week 2 of last year.

STAT EWU 2015 MSU 2015 MSU 2014 v. ORE
Points 42 37 27
Plays 86 71 83
First Downs 31 26 25
Total Off. Yds 549 452 466
Passing Yds 438 256 343
Passing % 67.2 48.4 61.7
Rushing Yds 111 196 123
Rush YPC 3.58 4.9 3.42
Time of Poss. 33.18 28.19 33.41
Yards/Play 6.38 6.36 5.61
Rushing Tds 1 3 2
Passing Tds 5 2 1


I will offer no opinion here, only to give you the reader the numbers to digest.

For what it's worth, Fentress' twitter feed says he's picking MSU to defeat the Ducks on Saturday.