Whether you were celebrating a Michigan State win, or feeling any variety of emotions during Michigan's loss to Utah it's palpable to understand that even though those two games weren't on the first Saturday of college football, sports fans everywhere were still gorging on as many college football games as their cable package would allow. This might cause them to miss one or two notable or interesting story lines. Allow this to serve as a reminder of what else happened in other sports' interests.

1. The Red Wings re-signed Daniel Cleary

This is the final year of the three-year "handshake agreement" Cleary has with Red Wings GM Ken Holland. If you recall, it started back in 2013 when Cleary was about to reportedly sign with the Philadelphia Flyers but had a change of heart and worked out a one-year deal with the agreement in place he'd be taken care of for the term he gave up in Philly.

The reported worth of the contract is $950,000, or the exact maximum amount that can be buried in the minor leagues. Chances are Cleary won't see much time in Detroit barring injuries.

2. Arkansas Tech honored a fallen teammate and it worked out amazingly on the scoreboard

This one is worth the watch by clicking the subtitle. The Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys, a division 2 program had a teammate pass away from drowning in the offseason. To honor him they played with ten men on the defense for the first play of the season. It ended up going for a defensive TD.

3. Iceland qualified for the European Soccer Championships

In what is sometimes called the second biggest soccer tournament in the world, powerhouses like Spain and Italy and Germany run rampant. The field usually comprised of 16 teams was expanded to 24 for this and further editions. Iceland, who's population rivals that of Bakersfield, California is actually ranked #23 in the world. If you think they qualified by the skin of their teeth though, you'd be wrong. Iceland was just the fourth team to qualify so far for the tournament. Impressive stuff for a tiny island country, and everybody likes an underdog right?