For some Michiganders there a certain twinge, a shudder, when you cross the Ohio border. These new welcome signs being posted at entrances to the state by the Ohio Department of Transpiration are something that not even Ohioans can love when they're out cruising the highways of the Buckeye State.

Let's just say these signs are not being well received. "Find it here" is a newish tourism slogan for the state. The big welcome signs were changed after a new governor took office in January 2019. Here's what Ohioans had to say after the Toledo district of the Ohio DOT shared the photo above:

The font is unprofessional. This looks like a sign made for kids and does not represent the state at all.

Lol it reminds me of how I used to hand draw banners for my senior hall in high school for the drama club.

We’re these signs designed by preschool children?

The DOT responded to the pushback:

TourismOhio underwent a huge brand change for Ohio to the new slogan "Ohio. Find it here." That is why with this administration change these large signs changed.

Curious what the former Ohio welcome sign looks like? Here's the same location above, US 23/US 223 at the Michigan/Ohio border (which, fascinatingly is, to this day, truly not known):

old ohio welcome sign
Google Maps Street View

Reddit and media around the state picked up on the new signs, with comments falling along the same themes:

Ohio! We love crayons!

So there you have it, Michiganders who enjoy looking down on Ohio, even people from down there laugh and shake their heads when crossing the border.

[h/t WKYC]


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