That headline is both good news and bad news.

Darrell Bevell, the newly named Detroit Lions' offensive coordinator was the play caller for the Seattle Seahawks in their glory run in the middle of this decade, culminating with a titanic battle with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

According to the Lions' website, he coached Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to four top 10 offensive seasons in a row between 2012-2015. He also did well in Minnesota, and coached Brett Favre in Green Bay. His offenses finished in the top 10 in rushing percentage in eight of his 12 seasons.

His crowning glory: You'd have to think it was putting 48 points on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII (48).

On the flip side, there's the pass call at the end of the Seahawks-Patriots game the following year. It's fuzzy as to who called what, Bevell or head coach Pete Carroll, but with the Seahawks practically at the goal line, a pass play was called that turned into an interception for the ages for Malcolm Butler and another Patriots' Super Bowl victory.

So, if you're a Lions fan, there's cause for optimism, but all Lions fans know, a lot of good coaches with great resumes have come to Detroit and failed. The clock is ticking.

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