The Detroit Lions introduced their new head coach yesterday and it was awesome.

Seriously, I wanted to run on to a field and tackle someone. I haven't been this fired up about the Detroit Lions football team since I was a kid and had dreams. I honestly feel like a culture shift is happening within the organization. I NO LONGER FEEL LIKE THE LIONS WILL MAKE THE DUMBEST MOVES POSSIBLE. I BELIEVE.

My reasons for optimism are:

#1. A  new owner with high expectations. Sheila Ford-Hamp is a Ford but this feels much different. The old regime would have waited a few more years to fire Matt Patricia and the failing GM Bob Quinn.

#2. A new General Manager that comes from a successful system. Brad Holmes came from the Rams and drafted some pretty great players. The Rams didn't miss on players nearly as much as the Lions.

#3. The new coach. Dan Campbell said in his press conference he was trying to tal to free agents. He had me wanting to play for him. He has me fired up.

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