Fresh off a completely disappointing 2-4 season, the University of Michigan and Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh struck a parlay. His deal was set to expire after next year. He gets a fresh new 5 year contract but with less base pay and a cheaper buyout if the Wolverines decide to wish him well in his future endeavors. Click here to see the full national story. 

Getting your ass handed to you by Ohio State for the 5th straight year pays off with a contract extension? Some may say this is the fire lit underneath his ass but Ohio State took time to troll him on Twitter. They "liked" the Bleacher report that he was close to signing the new deal. Michigan has not beaten Ohio State in 3331 days. Michigan has NEVER played in the Big 10 Championship Game and NEVER gone to the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State players get a "Gold Pants Charm" for beating Michigan.

Harbaugh and his GOLDISH Khaki pants won't be hurting for cash and bumming money off fans. He'll still make around 4 million per season in base salary plus incentives if can ever win the big games that have eluded him.

He brought the arrogance back to Ann Arbor for sure. I was at the game in 2019 when Michigan murdered us in the Big House. Hearing those toxic fans hackle anyone in a green jersey reminded me why I hate them so much. They are really humble when they are losing but they are really jerks when they are winning. Beating MSU in a down year and acting like they won the National Championship?

Love him or hate him, he is the best Michigan can hope for.

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