Well, he's already started with the new Detroit Lions regime.

That's right: Ndamukong Suh, the star defensive lineman for the Lions, was a no show at the team's first voluntary practice.

I'm not surprised.

During the offseason, Suh was voted dirtiest player in the game by his peers in the NFL. He has a sparkling reputation, having been fined over $100,000 for late and cheap-shot hits. He's also been suspended, but this cat doesn't understand what being a team leader really is.

To me, this guy has become somewhat of a problem child.

Coming out of Nebraska, Suh was an elite defensive player. He was drafted by the Lions second overall. His rookie season he was tremendous with ten and a half sacks. Since then he has regressed.

For a captain, he hasn't displayed an ounce of leadership. Now there is a new coach in Detroit--Jim Caldwell. What is he supposed to think? The Lions have stunk for so long they're expected to smell.

Suh, wants a huge second contract from the Lions. But he's a no-show for voluntary practices while under contract. I feel this cat is just a bully and intimidates players, coaches and media by his size and demeanor. He wants the huge money but he has also earned a bad reputation in the NFL.

Act like a captain, not a spoiled bully.